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How to get rid of eczema on your hands

How to get rid of eczema on your hands

Eczema on the hands is a disease either congenital or acquired.

Congenital disposition is caused by a failure of skin signalling. The skin overreacts to one or more allergens that can be detected by tests. The whole immune system of the sufferer comes into play.

Acquired eczema is produced by repeated skin irritation. It becomes hypersensitive and responds to a variety of stimuli. Only the skin reacts, the immune system does not engage, tests do not reveal a specific allergen.

How to get rid of eczema on your hands in a congenital allergy

Congenital eczema of the atopic or allergic type is not yet curable. Some care can be taken to keep symptoms in an acceptable state. Above all, it is necessary to undergo skin tests to detect an allergen. It is usually 1-2 substances, exceptionally 5 or more. The patient must try to avoid contact with these substances. It is recommended to hydrate the skin well to promote its regeneration.For example, with a barrier cream to ensure hydration while protecting the skin.

How to get rid of eczema on your hands in acquired hypersensitivity

Treatment is long-term and quite difficult. For one thing, the patient's skin responds primarily to substances they encounter frequently and repeatedly - that is, especially when working on the job and in the home.

First and foremost, you need to protect your hands from contact with anything that irritates them. It means using different gloves or barrier creams like Dermaguard. You need to learn how to wash and care for your skin properly.

Treatment of hand eczema

If a so-called eczema flare-up occurs, it is best to see a specialist skin doctor. Because eczema is always an inflammation of the skin, corticoid prescription ointments can reliably treat it. If their use is not repeatedly prolonged there is no need to worry about them. Itching, redness and cracking of the skin should be calmed until examination. We calm the wet eczema with poultices and baths, dry and cracked deposits rather by hydration and zinc ointment.


Immediate solution for contact eczema and rashes

  • The cream forms an invisible long-term barrier against allergens on the skin
  • Prevention of contact eczema, intertrigo, rashes, diaper dermatitis
  • Protects up to 6 hours, moisturises, non-greasy, not perfumed

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