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Itchy rash on the neck

Itchy rash on the neck

A rash is manifested by irritation from an external or internal influence. An itchy rash on the neck occurs most often after external irritation. It is often a combination of sweating and inappropriate cream, make-up or perfume.

Itchy neck rash can also occur after being in areas such as manufacturing halls where various chemicals, dust and or fine metal particles enter the air. In spring, irritated skin on the neck may appear as a reaction to pollen. And sometimes badly washed clothes are enough to cause irritation. There are thousands of irritants. If a patient with an itchy throat rash is allergic, he is basically lucky. The allergen can be detected by a skin test and is therefore easier to avoid. But if a person just has more sensitive skin, they usually only have a hunch as to what is irritating them.

The treatment for an itchy neck rash consists mainly of suppressing the individual symptoms. A quick home treatment for the initial symptoms consists of a poultice of a strong black tea or oatmeal decoction. Mild irritation and itching can also be relieved by creams and ointments for itching and zinc or calcium ointment for redness and any pimples. Corticosteroid creams are effective for severe irritation and itching. But these are prescribed by a doctor.

The main problem with itchy throat rash is recurrence. Sensitive skin does not stop being sensitive. And the irritation is likely to recur constantly and perhaps more often. It is also possible that it will start to manifest itself on the hands or feet, for example.
To prevent the problem, you can try Dermaguard barrier cream. Its formula protects the skin from irritants for hours. It also moisturises, tightens and softens the skin, which is a nice bonus for the neck and décolleté area.



Immediate solution for contact eczema and rashes

  • The cream forms an invisible long-term barrier against allergens on the skin
  • Prevention of contact eczema, intertrigo, rashes, diaper dermatitis
  • Protects up to 6 hours, moisturises, non-greasy, not perfumed

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