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Itchy skin on the hands and feet

Itchy skin on the hands and feet

Itching of the skin on the hands or feet can have different causes. From a banal insect bite, nettle burn, through skin inflammation, fungus, parasites to serious diseases. Basically, we can say that there is an itch with a visible cause and without a visible cause.

Visible causes of itching of the skin on the hands or feet

Itchy punctures, swellings, pinches, tiny red dots and spots are most often caused by mosquitoes, bedbugs, mites or stinging nettle.

Itchy, fluid-filled blisters appear after contact with certain plants and vegetables where sunlight is present, called photo dermatitis (bolshevik, parsnip, citrus, figs)

Itchy little pimples and blisters under the skin appear in contact dermatitis, as a reaction to animal hair, soil, dust, metals, household chemicals, etc.

Itchy small pimples that blossom on the surface of the skin and merge into red and inflamed skin are symptoms of atopic or contact allergic eczema.

The very itchy pimples and small wounds in the interdigital area are caused by the parasite scabies. It itches especially at night. Very contagious.

Itchy red and dry peeling skin on the feet is caused by ringworm, which can also be transmitted to the palms of the hands.

Itchy skin on the hands or feet with no visible cause

The itching sensation can be caused by hormonal imbalances (menopause, thyroid disease, contraception). Furthermore, if toxins accumulate in the skin in case of kidney or liver disorders. Sometimes the itching sensation is caused by a psychological condition such as severe stress.


Immediate solution for contact eczema and rashes

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