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Most people think of a rash as a reddened pimple on the skin. There are many such rashes. Which rash is the one that bothers you? We will try to reveal the most common ones.

Rash 2

Rash without itching
A rash without itching is, with the exception of acne, a symptom of an infectious viral disease. These diseases are mainly transmitted by droplets and touch. They also have similar symptoms. The appearance of the rash is usually preceded by an elevated temperature to fever, fatigue, headache, muscle aches.
The most common is one of eight diseases: rubella, fifth childhood disease, measles, sleeping sickness, herpetic skin infections, syphilis, meningococcus, acne

Itchy rash
Pruritic rashes, with the exception of chickenpox and impetigo, are not infectious. They are usually non-infectious inflammation caused by irritation. Irritation can be triggered by increased histamine levels in the case of allergies, as well as by various irritants in the environment, moulds or even parasites. With the exception of chickenpox, an itchy rash is usually not accompanied by muscle pain, fever or extreme fatigue.
Most often, an itchy rash occurs together with one of the eight most common diseases: chickenpox, urticaria, impetigo, sun rash, eczema, mycosis, allergies, parasites



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