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Diaper rash in adults

Diaper rash in adults

Are you suffering from a red and irritated spot on your skin that itches or even burns? It is probably a diaper rash. Do you think diaper rash is only a problem in babies and toddlers? It is not, this problem accompanies us all our lives and you just always need to sweat and have an unventilated spot on your body in the skin folds where diaper rash occurs. In adults, they are caused by sedentary work, driving a car or other means of transport, or even playing sports. Don't worry, we will explain what applies to diaper rash in a few points and you will find that diaper rash is easily preventable at any age and in different situations.

What does a diaper rash look like and where does it occur on the body?

Reddened skin and severely irritated skin with an accompanying itching or burning sensation. Most often occur around the anus, and in the armpits, around the genitals and in other skin folds (in women, for example, under the breasts). Groin rashes in adults are also common. In general, men are more susceptible to diaper rash than women. This may be because they sweat more. Diaper rash occurs at places where skin rubs against skin or where skin meets clothing in places that hold heat and moisture. This is because the skin sweats and is prone to developing diaper rash. In some cases, the skin becomes wet and small cracks appear.

Treatment of diaper rash

First of all, proper hygiene should be performed. Gently wash the skin with lukewarm rather than hot water. Cleanse the skin with a gel or soap, ideally with a pH of 5.5. Conventional soaps and shower gels are very alkaline and disturb the natural microfilm of the skin. Rinse and dry the skin thoroughly, not by scrubbing it with a towel but by gently patting it dry. We can also blow dry with lukewarm air. The further procedure depends on the condition of the diaper rash. For a mild diaper rash that is only slightly reddened, an ordinary baby powder or Dermaguard diaper rash barrier cream will suffice. For red, inflamed and painful skin, a zinc ointment from the pharmacy, Aviril baby powder or creams for children such as Rybilka or Bepanthen are suitable. If the diaper rash is wet, ointments containing ichthamol, e.g. Vitella, Pytiol, are recommended. This procedure is repeated at least twice a day until the diaper rash disappears. This usually takes only a few days. If the diaper rash does not heal, it may be infected with yeast or bacteria. Anti-mycotic creams can be purchased at the pharmacy. If you are not sure if it is a diaper rash, you should see a doctor. If diaper rash recurs, it is important to bet on prevention. Use good quality cotton underwear, absorbent car mattress covers, ventilate frequently. As a preventive measure, it is worth using Dermaguard barrier cream. The cream absorbs beautifully and you can already feel your skin soothe and moisturise. Another great benefit is that the cream is not greasy and lets the skin breathe.



Immediate solution for contact eczema and rashes

  • The cream forms an invisible long-term barrier against allergens on the skin
  • Prevention of contact eczema, intertrigo, rashes, diaper dermatitis
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