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Female taboo: diaper rash under the breasts

Female taboo: diaper rash under the breasts

Most women are well aware of the role their breasts play in our civilization. They do not like to talk about their possible defects or shortcomings. This is also the case with diaper rash under the breasts. Yet a large proportion of women suffer from this form of diaper rash (intertrigo).

Especially women with larger or sagging breasts struggle with diaper rash even repeatedly. Often they do not notice the first signs such as sweating and slight redness. Sweat and minimal air in the area under the breasts will cause the sore.


This is a breeding ground for the bacteria that live on the skin. The longer the diaper rash (intertrigo) goes unnoticed, the more the bacteria erode the skin and it rubs off due to friction. At this stage, the diaper rash (intertrigo) has already made itself known. Usually the area is very red, burns and may smell slightly.

How to cure diaper rash under the breasts

The treatment of diaper rash (intertrigo) is not complicated. First of all, proper hygiene should be performed. The skin should be gently washed with warm water, soaped without using a scrubbing cloth or sponge and rinsed thoroughly. It is best to dry the broken skin only with air. Either by airing or a hairdryer with lukewarm air can be used. It can also be dried by gently tapping with a towel, but without scrubbing. Dry diaper rash (intertrigo) should be lubricated. There are a number of creams and preparations for diaper rash. For a mild diaper rash that is only slightly red, a simple baby powder or Dermaguard barrier cream for nappy rash will do. For a diaper rash that is already burning or itchy, there are ointments for diaper rash for children such as Bepanthen, Sudokreme, Rybilka, Aviril, Zinc oil.

The washing and lubrication procedure is repeated at least twice a day until the diaper rash disappears. This usually takes only a few days. Bras with underwire and made of non-breathable synthetics are not recommended during the diaper rash treatment period.

Rely on prevention

As the ideal cream for preventing diaper rash under the breasts, we recommend the special barrier cream for nappy rash Dermaguard. It can prevent diaper rash. The cream creates a barrier on the skin against the effects of sweat and also reduces the growth of bacteria. The cream protects for about 6 hours, after which the skin needs to be re-lubricated. Dermaguard can also be used for the initial signs of diaper rash and also helps with contact and atopic eczema.



Immediate solution for contact eczema and rashes

  • The cream forms an invisible long-term barrier against allergens on the skin
  • Prevention of contact eczema, intertrigo, rashes, diaper dermatitis
  • Protects up to 6 hours, moisturises, non-greasy, not perfumed

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