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What to do for diaper rash in adults

What to do for diaper rash in adults

Adult diaper rash is often a taboo topic. Especially when they form on places that we consider an intimate zone. How to prevent such diaper rash and what works for adult diaper rash if it has already formed?

The prevention of diaper rash is well known. Increased hygiene when sweating and airy clothing made of natural materials. To prevent bacteria from breeding on the inflamed skin, which irritates the inflamed skin and eventually causes inflammation, it is a good idea to use a barrier cream. It is effective for up to 6 hours, reduces the multiplication of bacteria and protects the skin from irritation.

What to do for diaper rash in adults? It depends on the degree of diaper rash.

If the diaper rash is only slightly reddish and covered with sebum, it should be lightly washed with soap with a Ph 5.5. More acidic or alkaline soaps will disrupt the Ph of the skin and thus its protective barrier. Cover the diaper rash with baby powder, e.g. Aviril. We try to ventilate the affected area. If this is not possible (e.g. in the case of diaper rash under the breasts, rectum, groin), use a barrier cream instead of the dressing. This should protect the skin until the diaper rash can be washed and aired again.
A red and burning scratchy diaper rash in an adult is treated with a dry product - powder, backfill. It should contain zinc, e.g. Herbacos, Arnika. Wash the diaper rash lightly with a non-alkaline soap. Do not dry it with a towel, but let it air-dry, it is also possible to use a hairdryer. Sprinkle or powder. Do not cover and let the skin breathe. A few hours should be enough for the diaper rash to stop burning and the irritation to subside. To prevent irritation from recurring, apply a barrier cream. This will protect the skin until it is time to wash, cover and air the diaper rash again.

What to do for adult diaper rash when the skin is wet?

We do not use patches and powders on wet areas, but oak bark compresses or strongly diluted hypermanganese. First, however, wash the skin gently with lukewarm water and shower gel, again with a Ph 5.5. This is followed by a compress or bath for 5-10 minutes. Dry the skin without contact and apply an ointment with ichthamol (called black ointment) to the diaper rash. Leave to air out. Repeat several times a day, at least 3-4 times.
If the diaper rash does not improve or worsens, it is probably infected. It is necessary to seek a doctor who will prescribe an ointment with antibiotics.



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